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Who We are

Hi! We're Emily and Maty, a highly intuitive and empathic married couple. During our friendship, our passions of energetic modalities and personal growth coincided and flourished as our relationship grew into a deeper love. For close to two decades we have undergone and helped each other, friends and co workers through emotional breakthroughs and transformative energy clearings. Once we began working in the Akashic Records the universe conspired and our passions became our purpose. We were able to leave our careers in hospitality to focus on supporting our clients as they accelerate towards self empowerment by discovering and realizing their unlimited potential.

Our mission is Empowerment by Self Realization

At PearlWorth Vibe we empower our clients to discover, claim, understand and then own their unique soul vibration aka your innate strengths, gifts and traits. By applying the things that you are naturally good at, your confidence soars, you feel appreciated and grateful to be in your own shoes. Realizing your core self aligns you with your soul’s purpose and opens the door to more authenticity in your life. Additionally, it allows you to see your life through clearer lenses resulting in self validation and healing. Self empowerment then becomes viable as your potential awakens giving you impetus towards your desires and dreams.

All of our services are designed to assist you in your journey and provide support and guidance as you delve into the deeper aspects of your personality and psyche.

Our powerful PearlWorth Vibe Akashic Record Report is a blueprint of you and is a great first step on your journey to empowerment by self realization!

Emily Pearl

Maty Hollingsworth

PearlWorth Vibe Services

An Akashic Record book opened, giving you a glimpse of the mysteries that can be revealed to you through your Akashic Record Report.

Akashic Record Report

The PearlWorth Vibe Akashic Record Report is a blueprint of YOU and a great foundation for working towards personal empowerment by self realization. Connecting the dots between your traits, strengths and gifts can hasten your journey of self realization and help you discover your potential even faster. Furthermore it puts you in alignment with your soul self so you can get more out of life now. Each Report comes Reiki charged for enhanced benefits.

Distance Reiki Healing

An abundant stream of healing Reiki energy. This energy brings a sense of peace and relaxation to you while you chill in the comfort of your own home. It helps clear the energetic residue of everyday life, leaving you revitalized and feeling lighter. This service is very effective by itself or used in conjunction with our other services as you process self realizations that come up during your journey inward.


Open palmed hands sending healing reiki energy to someone in another location.
A person meditating on their chakras as illustrated by the chakra system illuminated within a human outline.

Energy Block Release

Begins with an energy blockage reading that takes place in your Akashic Record in order to gain intuitive information. We take a look at your chakras, meridians and emotional states. Second, an energy clearing distance session takes place to help clear any dense energies that could be weighing your aura down.


the key to success

We believe that discovering your potential is how you can change the world. Fortunately, you don’t have to go at it all alone with no direction or support. We recommend starting with an Akashic Record Report, it is a blueprint of YOU and a great starting point for gaining self realization on your own terms. Our other services are intentionally designed to help support you along your journey to self empowerment.

What is Empowerment by Self Realization?

Knowing who you are is the first step in moving towards a more fulfilled life. Acknowledging yourself throughout your many lifetimes, understanding and using your strengths and gifts will get you on a fast track to living the life of your dreams! 

This is absolutely something you can do on your own, but what we offer is the support and opportunity to hasten your journey!  This is accomplished by helping you combine ‘who you are at the infinite soul level’, your ‘past self’ and ‘who you are now’. Connecting these dots serve as an activation for your soul. Self realization leads to more confidence, fortitude, inner peace and clarity. All the while you are gaining empowerment because step by step you gain strength and clarity and this will be reflected in the synchronicities and opportunities presented to you. The universe won’t give you what you cannot handle so when you are ready for more, you get more. The law of attraction always returns a vibrational match.

Empowerment by self realization is so powerful because you become a stronger and more confident version of yourself by becoming aware of and using your innate strengths and gifts.

Are you Ready to discover your potential?

Self realization leads to clarity in your life path, fortitude and inner peace meanwhile gaining tons of empowerment. Through this process more synchronicities and bigger opportunities abound as you become grounded in yourself and ready to allow more into your life.

Maty & Emily