Rocket Blast Off

Today I woke up with the image of a rocket ship blasting into space.  I was just talking previously to a sweet hippie type girl with a patchwork dress about doing bodywork sessions with her. We were standing in a luxury vacation rental house around a pool with a stone and brick outdoor bar.   In my mind I remember thinking about what kind of bodywork I want to be doing with her and it wasn’t massage; it would be a more energy based modality that includes intuition and some type of healing.

Suddenly I am staring at two rather large, rectangular pans of brownie.  One is all balanced and smooth on top, even throughout, with a lovely pattern of stroke marks on top.  The other pan is a bit disheveled and uneven.  It has a large crease through the center, on the longitudinal line.  They were lumpy and weird.  I remember saying that if you make sure and drop the pan on the counter a couple times or shake the pan that they will even out before you cook them next time.  One of the guys that was in my vacation friend group, cut into the disheveled brownies and there was a fairly large pocket of butter melted against the side.  We crinkled our noses at each other in a snickering manner, but not too exaggerated as to not hurt the feelings of our other guy friend who baked them.  For disheveled or no, we were just grateful for the sweet treat of chocolate! The baker of the well balanced, smooth brownies was my husband.  My husband and I winked at each other from across this outdoor bar as I knew he had witnessed the entire exchange.  He silently basked in the accomplishment of his beautiful and balanced pan of brownies.  I think he secretly knows he excels in a lot of areas, but he is often humble about his pride.   

Next thing I know we were running out the door to hop into a convertible, each with our brownies wrapped in a paper towel.   We ended up only driving a short distance, to a gravel parking area along the entire side of a two lane highway running perpendicular to the small neighborhood street that the vacation rental was on.  We were going way too fast for the short distance we were traveling and kicked up dust as we slammed on the breaks. 

There it was in front of us in all of its glory, with no obstructions, across a large, dusty field of sparse vegetation, it was an enormous rocket that had just taken off.  I looked around and took in all the angles of the vision.  There was smoke billowing out around the bottom, the loud explosion sound that came from the engine, the force of the take off in which it launched into the sky, the stream of light that poured like a magnificent waterfall from the bottom.  I even remember the awestruck look on our faces as we watched together with big grins on our faces and excitement in our hearts.  Without further ado, I woke with that image of that giant rocket, the feeling of that immense energy and our smiles echoing in my mind’s eye.

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