About US

Hi there! We're Maty and Emily. We are highly intuitive, empathic, healers who have been married for the last seven years. While working in the Akashic Records we were guided towards our long held dream of owning an energy based business. Along with it, the discovery that the combination of our feminine and masculine polarities served to amplify the intensity and clarity of our healing work. The stars aligned and PearlWorth Vibe came to fruition.

In 2004 we met in Asheville, NC as coworkers at a fine dining restaurant. Our friendship flowed with ease as we quickly realized that our intense desires for self growth coalesced with our passions for metaphysical sciences, energy based holistic healings, and spiritually esoteric beliefs.

Seven years of friendship and many self realizations later, we decided to give ‘us’ a shot. Life was stellar, our relationship deepened and led to our marriage in 2014!

During our continuous journey of intentional, loving emotional alchemy we have supported and challenged one another in friendship and marriage while also dreaming of owning our own intuitive – energy based business. Together, we have broken deep rooted genetic cycles and released patterns that no longer serve our truth. 

Along the way we learned a thing or two, developed a system to help in hastening the journey of self growth and feel honored to support others along their journey towards self realization, healing and empowerment.


Emily’s life has been an exploration of the body-mind-emotion connection. She grew up in Kentucky with her four siblings. Practicing their telepathy, she and her brother would practice sending each other messages from across the house. Her mother even taught her and her sisters how to dowse chakras, not knowing that’s what they were at the time.

From ages 5-17 she was either competing in gymnastics or cheerleading. Through bouts of nerves and anxiety before competition, she learned that the mind can be your biggest ally if you use it to pump yourself up, not bring yourself down. 

In college she  obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (minor Psychology) from University of Kentucky. After finding books on energy work and Reiki, at a used bookstore on campus, she studied those along with her textbooks. She got her first Reiki attunement  when she was 19, beginning her journey with energy work. 

After graduation, she moved to Asheville meeting Maty just a month later when they became co-workers. Through this same job, she got invited to be a part of a local breakdancing crew where she performed at various local festivals and twice at Bonnaroo. 

Soon after, she enrolled in massage school at the Center for Massage and Natural Health and continued her study of Reiki to the master level. After her second attunement her teacher told her that she is an empath. Realizing that helped her understand her emotions, others emotions in such an intimate way. It also helped her learn to separate her emotions from others. 

Learning so much during her 13 years of practicing massage, her heart yearned to help people on an energetic level. She became a certified Akashic Record Reader with Maty, and the creation of PearlWorth Vibe ensued.

Maty’s life has been an exploration of claiming his personal power with self healing and the untethering of the ego’s programs. He grew up in Ohio with his sister and moved to Georgia when he was 12. School came rather easy because the answers “just came to him” and he would write them down whether he could show his work or not. Not believing it was possible, Maty had to retake a couple math tests. After the second time of giving him a different test while she watched him write down the correct answers (without showing his work), his teacher was stunned by his extraordinary ability.

During college, Maty set out on a journey of awareness and of self healing. He studied about self care, energetic healing principles and all things ethereal or metaphysical to expand his consciousness. His journey took him to Colorado and then to Asheville where he met Emily and they quickly became confidantes for each other’s personal growth. 

At 28, Maty got his first Reiki attunement which kicked his intuition and energetic connection into high gear. After five years of intense study and practice Maty became a Reiki Master. He learned to claim his personal power by healing the turmoil of his childhood traumas and by empowering the empath he had become from those experiences.

During this time Maty also had quite the reputation around Asheville, for his incredible bar programs. He has the ability to build one from scratch making it profitable right out of the gate. Maty’s forte is crafting the most incredibly unique cocktail you have ever had, but also has an uncanny recall to remember tasting notes about wines he tasted many years back. 

Feeling a desire to help others find self awareness and claim their personal power, Maty and Emily became certified Akashic Record Readers. From there, the inspiration of PearlWorth Vibe came into fruition. 

Our philosophy

At PearlWorth Vibe we believe that self realization leads to healing and then to personal empowerment. Using our combined expertise and the help of the Akashic Records, we are able to relate information in a manner that will help you understand your strengths and gifts so you can integrate them into your current life experiences and be more confident and fulfilled. 

Self healing happens by the intentional process of exploring your own mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects while choosing to observe and learn from them, instead of judging yourself in the process. Healing is a wholesome thing that is many layers deep. Due to this interconnectedness, life takes time to have enough experiences in order to lead to the realizations that develop into wisdom and empowerment. 

You have an infinite soul self that has gained all kinds of experience during your past lives and then there’s your ‘here and now self’ gaining even more experience. By realizing and integrating all of these parts of yourself wisdom is gained, healing takes place and you gain empowerment. It not only happens within your energy field, but it becomes apparent in your daily life, too. 

Tapping into this awareness and connecting you with your soul’s strengths saves you many years of trial and error living. You’ll have the advantage of knowing where to focus your energy for your highest good. The more you become self realized and allow for more healing to take place, your self empowerment grows exponentially!

by Self Realization

Using our combined expertise and the help of the Akashic Records, we are able to relate information in a manner that will help you understand your strengths and gifts so you can integrate them into your current life experiences. The more you become self realized and allow for more healing to take place, the more your self empowerment grows exponentially!

Maty & Emily